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January 3, 2009

Taho and Peanuts

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It was around five in the afternoon.

We need to withdraw and buy some stuff at home, and so my mom and I left for UP and Mercury Drug.

I must admit that I didn’t bath. 😛 Well, you cannot blame me. The weather’s been very low. The feel of the tiles in the comfort room even made me shiver. Oh well, another global warming issue. 😦

Last year, there was a week or so of canceled classes somewhere in July or August due to the storms and flood. Lucky us, not in our place. Whew.

But see? There’s a drastic change of weather timing. The Christmas had been very hot. And yet now, I am trembling inside my poor and thin jacket.

So much for that. That’s not my story. 😛

Well, it was five this afternoon when my mom and I left. After withdrawing we decided to pass by the wide soccer field, instead of turning the whole way round. We saw this taho vendor. Oh wow! Better him, he has load! He was happily talking to somebody on his phone. Gee. I haven’t loaded my Smart sim for the past two weeks.

Anyway, we bought taho. We used to buy taho every morning. My mom thinks it’s one of her medicine, or something for good health (add less sugar of course). Well, today (or should I say yesterday) we ate (or drank? whatever) taho again. 🙂

Then, we headed to the Mercury Drugstore to buy some things and vitamins. We just walked. We passed by the INC, and lots of street vendors. Finally, we were standing in front of the drugstore. But, ughhh, unluckily, there were no more supplies of Optein (the vitamins we would like to buy). And so, we went to South Star Drug 1, Rose Pharmacy, and South Star Drug 2, and found no supplies still. 😥

Well, we decided to go home.
But before going home, my mom went back to buy something. Peanuts. Spicy hot peanuts. I missed eating peanuts! 🙂

We walked home. The whole duration of time we were out were all ‘walking’ time. I enjoyed it, though.

It was seven-eighteen in the evening when we arrived. 🙂

January 2, 2009

Report Rush

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It’s shortly four days before our Virtual Reality report, and UGH, hurtful to say but.. we’re cramming!

I thought we were at the right pace, and stable with the plans. But things have changed merely four hours ago when a trusted group member texted me that she’s sick. We are supposed to meet up tomorrow at their house to make the presentation. But, unfortunately, due to her contagious sickness which might cause her to absent on the day of our report, we urgently need to change plans. :[

Being confided by that problem, I called on an emergency YM conference meeting.
We were only three out of five members online, sadly with the sick groupmate offline. The other groupmate wasn’t home yet at that time, and so life moved on.

After about two hours of thinking, planning, sorting things out, we finally concluded our new venue, date and time for our meeting. Yes! Thanks to our absent groupmate, she agreed that their house will be the venue.

We are meeting up on Sunday, 1pm.

Things we’re settled, at least for now. Thanks to God and to my groupmates.
We are a group!


There’s always a way to everything.
Somehow, I can attest to that.

December 31, 2008

Loadful Break

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Reports, assignments, readings, novels, and ugh exams!

It’s suffocating me!
The whole Christmas break was about all those stuff.
I envy my friends who went home, attended the alumni homecoming, reunited, and had so much fun.

Spell fun! I guess I’ve forgot!

But, somehow, I have some things to be proud of having accomplished:
~I’m almost finish with The Iliad, just two more books to go.
~I’ve listened to my music CD, and somehow familiarized around 30 out of 43 tracks.
~I’ve rewrited moduleA, moduleB, and chapter5 of my InfoTechBiz course.
~I’ve researched and studied the Hanunuos for my report this Jan7.
~I’ve researched and studied my part for our Virtual Reality report this Jan6.
~I’ve read Twilight and watched the movie in a day.

Errr. That’s work! And there’s a loadful more to do.

Exams freakin’ me out!
Oh gee!

Swiftly It Went By

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Or should I say, Christmas here.

I can’t believe we slept during Christmas Eve.
As early as 8pm, I was in Dreamland, as well as my mom and sister.

We had hamon de bola and spaghetti to cook, but we were too lazy to prepare. Besides, it’s just us three. A close friend texted me “Merry Christmas”, I replied, of course, and he said they were from the mass. Oh right. I felt guilt by that. Was it really that worse, well having something to eat would be better, that we cannot even go to mass during Christmas?

Last year was relatively better. We were four, with our close relative. We had a DVD marathon and mom cooked. At least, we felt the not-so-nice fireworks and noise outside when the clock striked twelve.

I fear another Christmas like this year’s.
But then again, do I have anyone to blame?

December 22, 2008

Without a Hint

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Two days before Christmas.

It had always been a season of joy, fun, and love—perhaps before we lived here (though I am not certain if we are truly ‘living’ here).

Early this evening, two little boys with toy drums sang us a carol, “Pasko na naman, o kay tulin ng araw”. Certainly, it is. Lanterns are hung and series lights give life to our neighbors’ homes as I observe our house without a hint of the Yuletide Season. It’s simple. We just don’t feel it.

I guess this holiday season will just pass by, like last year.

So much that I wanted to bring light

I miss home.


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22 December 2008
9:39 PM

My first blog account.
I am positive that this time there’s so much in store!

Cheers! 🙂

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